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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy
Massage as a healing tool has been around for thousands of years in many cultures.  Touching is a natural reaction to pain and stress, and for conveying compassion and support.  Healers throughout time and around the world have instinctually created a variety of therapeutic techniques using touch.  Having a massage does more than just relax your body and mind.

Swedish Massage
This massage uses long, gentle, gliding strokes that focuses on the superficial layers of the muscles which has a profoundly relaxing effect on the body.  This treatment loweres stress levels and induces a blissful state of repose.  This massage is ideal for stress management.
soft pressure              1/2 hr.    $   35.00                         1 hr.      $    60.00
                                 1.5 hr.    $   90.00                          2 hr.     $  120.00
firm pressure              1/2 hr.    $    40.00                         1 hr.     $    70.00
                                 1.5 hr.    $  100.00                         2 hr.     $  140.00

Sports Massage
A personalized massage that uses a combination of swedish, deep pressure, squeezing, trigger point therapy and stretching techniques to increase range of motion and flexibility.  This treatment is perfect for  atheletic individuals and weekend warriors.
Semi-deep tissue pressure                                             1/2 hr.    $    45.00
1 hr.     $    80.00         1.5 hr.    $   120.00                        2 hr.    $   160.00

Deep Tissue Massage
The techniques used are similar to those used in sports massage, but the strokes are slower, and much deeper.  The focus is on releasing patterns of chronic muscle tension by applying deep pressure that is directed toward the deeper muscle layers.  I recommend this massage for those individuals wanting to achieve peak muscle performance, rapid muscle recovery after extreme exertion, and to assist individuals in enhancing maximum physical results.
Intense pressure                                                            1/2 hr.     $    55.00
1 hr.      $    90.00        1.5 hr.   $    130.00                         2 hr.     $  180.00

Natural Stone Massage
The simplest tools---smooth basalt river stones.......heated stones in the hands of the therapist are skillfully used with massage strokes to transform this massage into a unique experience.  You can feel the tension and stress melt away as the heated stones glide over tired, aching muscles leaving you feeling completely relaxed.  During this massage the therapist uses soft to firm pressure.
1/2 hr.   $    55.00            1 hr.   $    100.00                    1.5 hr.     $   155.00

Aromatherapy Massage
A gentle, nurturing treatment that uses the richest quality of essential oils extracted from flowers, stems, leaves, bark and roots;  each with its own healing benefits to which the body and mind respond--customized for each individual.  The therapist uses soothing massage strokes to create an unforgettable mind and body connection.
Soft pressure                                                                    1/2 hr.     $    45.00
1 hr.      $    75.00         1.5 hr.    $    115.00                         2 hr.      $  145.00
Firm pressure                                                                    1/2 hr.     $   50.00
1 hr.      $    80.00         1.5 hr.    $    120.00                         2 hr.      $  155.00

Couples Massage
Two people can enjoy massages together in the same room.  This is a perfect way to enjoy some quality time together and to create lifelong memories.  This massage is ideally suited for special occasions; such as, anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's Day, holidays and for just because.......I love you.  The therapist uses soft or firm pressure during this massage.
1 hr.      $   160.00                                                               1.5 hr.   $   240.00

Pregnancy Massage
This is the perfect treatment for the Mom-To-Be.  The therapist usually focuses on areas that have alot of tension and areas that cause the the most discomfort---shoulders, low back, and feet.  This is a swedish massage with soft to medium pressure.  This treatment is designed to whisk away the aches and stress of expectant mothers.
Soft pressure                 1/2 hr.    $   35.00                            1 hr.   $    60.00
Medium pressure           1/2 hr.    $   40.00                            1 hr.   $    70.00

Face-Neck-Shoulders Massage
Moist, warm towels are used to stimulate circulation and relax facial muscles. The massage oil is blended with an essential oil to assist in relieving stress and inducing relaxation.  Trigger point therapy is used to decrease tension.
                                       1/2 hr.    $   50.00                 45 minutes    $   60.00

Hand-Foot Massage
Revive the muscles of the hands --feet with this massage.  Moist, warm towels are used to stimulate circulation.  The therapist massages the hands--feet using a carrier oil blended with peppermint essential oil designed to leave your hands--feet feeling cool and refreshed.  This treatment is excellent for tired, achy hands--feet.
                                       1/2 hr.    $   50.00                  45 minutes   $   60.00           

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