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Paraffin Therapy

Paraffin leaves the skin hydrated, soft and pliable. When paraffin is applied to the skin it will solidify.  Paraffin creates a vacuum effect, preventing perspiration from escaping and forcing that moisture back into the superficial  layer of the skin.  As a result, skin cells in the upper layers of the eperdermis plump up and this reduces dryness and minimizes superficial lines on the surface of the skin.
Paraffin Treatment
          Hands / elbows                     $    15.00 each          $    30.00 both
          Feet / knees                         $    15.00 each          $    30.00 both
          Face and Neck                       $    20.00
          Shoulders and Back                $    40.00


Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Points Therapy is a technique that involves applying  pressure to tender points(knots) in muscle tissue in order to decrease pain or muscle discomfort.  Trigger points can be active or latent.  Active trigger points cause muscle pain/discomfort and usually refers pain to other areas of the body.  Latent trigger points only exhibit pain when pressure is applied and do not refer pain/discomfort to other areas of the body. 
This technique is great for decreasing muscle tension and reducing pain, and for increasing flexibility and range of motion.  The therapist uses the thumb, the fist or any massage tool to apply deep pressure to areas of the body that have trigger points. 
          Trigger point Therapy            $    15.00        

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